Video: Jon Stewart Vs. Bill O’Reilly On Common Visiting The Whitehouse

Jon made a damn good point in the first clip. Man. This has been blown out of proportion to me by Fuck Fox News. Anyways watch for a good debate on an irrelevant issue.


News: Fox calls Common a “Vile” rapper

Ignorance has been taken to another level.

Conservative news network, Fox News, has taken shots at Common for being invited to Michelle Obama’s poetry reading on Wednesday night. Fox News’ claims are based on a poem titled “A Letter to the Law” which he performed at a Def Poetry Jam event some time ago. (Seen Below)

Fox News is calling Common’s work “Vile” but for those who follow him avidly, we know that it is not even close to a word to describe him. Common is one of the most positively influential rappers to ever bless the mic, and to slander his name in such a way is shameful on Fox’s part and those who are affiliated.

To read the article go here and here

Interview: Common and Dr. Maya Angelou

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dr. Maya Angelou is one of the greatest living poets and authors of our time. She’s inspired thousands, if  not millions of people across the country, even some of our favorite rappers. So it would be fitting for one of the most influential women of our time to meet and collaborate with Common,  one of the most influential artists to ever grace hip hop. For Common’s “Common Ground Foundation” the two met up to talk about issues within the community, especially the generational gap in hip hop. No doubt this is a inspirational conversation between Dr. Angelou and Common.

Mixes: Break Up’s 2 Make Up’s (Mixtape) (Vol. 1)

Since we are officially a week away from the biggest cuffing day of the year, (Valentines Day) i decided last year to put together a nice little LOVE mix with a bunch of random music and tunes. People liked the first installment so I’m working on the second one which is set to drop here next Monday for V-Day. I wanted to put up the first one for the blog to get a taste of it.

Soooo without further adieu i give you Break Up’s 2 Make Up’s Mixtape v1 which features songs from LL Cool J, Stevie Wonder, J. Cole, Sade, 702, Lupe Fiasco, Ryan Leslie, SWV, Usher, Common and many more. Tracklist and link down below.

Break Up’s 2 Make Up’s (Mixtape) (Vol. 2) Coming Valentines Day 2011 (February 14)

Break Up’s 2 Make Up’s (Mixtape) (Vol. 1) Continue reading