Interview: The Kid With The Magic Touch: Cooper McGill


While the lives of most freshman & sophomore students in high school are spent worrying about fashion, peer pressure and relationships, Cooper McGill’s life is much different than the life of an average kid. Coop aka “Coop The Truth” already has his eyes set on a Grammy Award and a successful career as a Music Producer. I recently got to sit down and chop it up with Young Cooper and talk about his influences, how he got where he is now, and a couple of upcoming projects.

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Mixes: DJ AQT – Spring Cool Down (Vol. 1)

Since we are unloading tapes on the site all week i figure id give yall a little treat until the official launch. Last spring around this time i dropped Spring Cool Down (Vol. 1) and I’m not sure yall got your hand on it so I’m throwing it up here. The Spring Cool Down (Vol. 2) is dropping NOWHERE but here on Friday. For now enjoy tunes from Jadakiss, NaS, Shyne, Naledge, Common, Kanye West, Mobb Deep, J. Cole and many more. Mixed and Unmixed versions available. Tracklist and where to get it down below.

To download click on the link, it will take you to another page, click that link to get the download from Mediafire.

Spring Cool Down (Vol. 1) (Individual Tracks) | Mixed Version


WOW! 50,000 hits! First of all YOU did this, not me! As always i want to say thanks to everyone who checks out the site and is updated with new content just about every day. This place makes my life a little bit easier because i can come and get out anything i need to. I never thought the site would make it this far and never anticipated that the blog would go to be this big. CSNW was built by hand from scratch by a kid who just wanted to have a say in something. Thank you for making it what it is today.

I also wanted to use this post as a reminder and as a not to keep Japan in our prayers. They need help over there. God Bless them and their country. 1OVE.

News: Images Of Haiti Days After The Earthquake, And Now

NPR photographer David Gilkey revisits a few key locations in Haiti, one year after a massive earthquake devastated the capital, Port-au-Prince. The quake killed more than 200,000 people and left 1.5 million homeless. Even now, the effects of the quake are everywhere. Rubble still covers much of the city, and more than 1 million people remain in improvised huts in makeshift encampments.

Editor’s Note: Some of these photographs are not suitable for all audiences.

An armed man walks through a collapsed burning building on the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince on Jan. 18, 2010. A year later the building is gone, one of the few to have been removed.

A man wielding a knife checks for looters in the ruins of a shop near downtown Port-au-Prince on Jan. 17, 2010. The collapsed roof has been removed since, and street vendors and shoppers are using the area.

A Haitian man walks past Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church, in complete ruins in downtown Port-au-Prince Jan. 17, 2010. Very little has changed and no demolition has taken place, as seen in this Jan. 8 image.

Morgue workers walk through piled bodies at the National Hospital’s central morgue in downtown Port-au-Prince Jan. 14, 2010. The hospital is up and running, and the morgue is back to business as usual.

A man walks through the destroyed central market of downtown Port-au-Prince Jan 14, 2010. By Jan. 8, 2011, some of the rubble had been removed.

Upcoming Projects…

In the middle of a busy cycle with a couple things going on, inventory @ work, updating and adding new members to the site, DJ’n Moms party, school starting back, and my birthday is on its way (you guys dont really care about any of this). But in the midst of all this madness im gonna give yall a little something special to start the year off. Im cooking up a couple of mixes for your listening pleasure:

The Neptunes Instrumental Collection Vol. 1 – Just some random instrumental from my favorite production duo.

Amerie – It’s Just Me – My best of Amerie

Young Jeezy – J.E.E.Z.Y. – Another “best of”

^ These 2 above are part of a “Beauty & The Beast” collection.

Its not much but it will hold you off until i drop my next project for Valentines day in Feb. All 3 are coming this week, i just gotta get the artwork right. Stay tuned. Thank yall again for rockin with me.

News: From Marijuana to “Sexting”: New Laws Set to Take Effect Jan 1st

In all, 45 states, the District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico passed 31,005 new laws in 2010. Some of them will come into effect with the new year. Here is a sampling of some of the trends in lawmaking in 2010.

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