Video: Common @ The White House Poetry Event (Extended)

“Money Talks, Love Stutters”


News: Fox calls Common a “Vile” rapper

Ignorance has been taken to another level.

Conservative news network, Fox News, has taken shots at Common for being invited to Michelle Obama’s poetry reading on Wednesday night. Fox News’ claims are based on a poem titled “A Letter to the Law” which he performed at a Def Poetry Jam event some time ago. (Seen Below)

Fox News is calling Common’s work “Vile” but for those who follow him avidly, we know that it is not even close to a word to describe him. Common is one of the most positively influential rappers to ever bless the mic, and to slander his name in such a way is shameful on Fox’s part and those who are affiliated.

To read the article go here and here

Video: LondonM – Breakup’s & Self Love

A short film about LOVE and Loving Yourself in which a lot of us get lost in daily. Put together by a good friend of mine, in which she shot, starred and edited. Clap for her! Here’s what she had to say about her latest project:

“The whole meaning behind me making this video was not only to share my experience but. . . To empower woman all over the world, also come into realization that self love is the greatest love! Do not let a man Make you or Break you. You do not need a Man to make you Happy. You must make yourself Happy.”

-With Love , LondonM

J. Cole – See World (Shaniya Davis Dedication)

Dedication of words to a innocent little girl from Jermaine’s hometown he typed up and posted on his new Dreamvillain blog. (This is actually the first verse on See World) Read the story about Shaniya Davis HERE.

Gettin higher than the soul of little Shaniya,
To the ones that killed her, hope you burn in fire.
I’m burnin tires on the strip, tryna get a grip,
Liquor in the cupholder, tryna get a sip.
6 shots of Hennessey, I’m still goin strong.
Please numb me from the bullshit that’s goin on.
That girl was 5 years old that they just murdered,
and did some wicked shit to her that was unheard of,
You fuckin coward.
Ain’t gotta tell em’ go to Hell,
Cuz that’s the shit that make them other niggas sick in Jail;
So you gon’ feel it.
Travel the world reppin this city, know I’m gon kill it,
but yet a nigga ain’t got a clue.. how I’m gon deal with
all the bullshit. Niggas sendin shots my way.
You put a hit out on me, think that I’m gon stop? No way.
Gon have to kill me, or witness a nigga livin so filthe.
Young, Black, and Wealthy, for that I’m guilty.
Still see all the fake shit.
It’s funny somehow thought the money could erase it.
No matter how much dough you got you gotta face it,
and to my niggas gone hope you in a better place,
if I make it I’ll holla…

The Question Is This, What Have I Been Doing? ‘Nothing’ (N*E*R*D Appreciation)

In honor my favorite band N*E*R*D, releasing their 4th studio album Nothing I’ve compiled a collection of some their videos. I’ve been a fan since about the time Fly Or Die came out and I found In Search Of… kind of late but pumped it crazy loud of my stereo for months. I thank them for helping me out with some hard times and always providing good music. Anyways pick up the album in stores today, I’ll be getting mine right after i get out of class. Enjoy.

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