Album Review: Beyonce – “4”

With production from Diplo, Kanye West, The-Dream and Babyface, Beyonce Knowles might just have the R&B album of the Summer. She has been very quiet prior to this release and I can understand why after creating a masterpiece like this. The album isn’t due out until June 28th but it wasn’t long before i got my hands on it and gave it a full listen. Check out what i thought about it.

Hit the jump for the review of Beyonce’s new album 4.

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Notes From The Editor: The-Weeknd Is Over, Or Is It?

I should have made this introductory post a week or so ago but oh well. I’m roaming my usual spots around the Internets and I see Miss Info say something about Drake and this group The-Weekend, as always I’m very curious as to things I’ve never heard of or seen. So I continue on and find out that The-Weeknd’s music is an edgy double take on R&B with just a touch of soul. I did some more searching and only found a handful of their songs, all dope and unique in their own way. Funny thing is that they are mysterious as they are talented. The-Weeknd is from Drake’s native stomping grounds of Toronto Canada, I can see why he has gassed them up so much in the past couple weeks because this trio is extremely talented. The soulful and boastful frontline singer, who is nameless for now sings songs of love found and heartbreak, but with a deep and dark twist. It gets better and better with each listen. Listen to “What You Need” x “Loft Music” below.

The-Weeknd – What You Need

All production is either handled by Drake’s infamous right hand man Noah “40” Shebib or by themselves. The music is some of the best ive heard from an underground R&B artist in a long while. The lingering, 808 thumping “What You Need” has literally been on repeat since i downloaded it. The-Weekend doesnt fail when it comes to new sounds either, “Loft Music” is a smooth jam of eclectic sounds and sweet nothings in a up-scale hotel lobby all rolled into one.

The-Weeknd – Loft Music

Honestly, if Drake, 40 and Diplo say look out for them i highly suggest you get on it. Their sound is almost reminsent to Odd Future’s Frank Ocean and also walks downt he same lines. I was wondering when i would hear more from them and reluctantly they just dropped their mixtape “House Of Balloons” tonight, which i rushed home in anticipation to download. Im playing right now and its DOPE. If you light a deeper and darker appraoch to eclectic R&B i say you get this HOB project.

Get The-Weeknd’s “House Of Balloons” Mixtape here: here

Notes From The Editor: Meet Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

OFWGKTA.” What? Who? I said the same while i was on my makeshift “vacation”. I kept seeing these Odd letters and ignored them, but its hard to when you see #OFWGKTA up and down your Twitter timeline. So i did some questioning and research and i found out that “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” is definitely one of the next movements on the independent rise that you will hear out of people’s moths more than once.

Check out my thoughts on OFWGKTA after the jump.

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Notes From The Editor: “Riding in the past like you’re driving a DeLorean”

I probably wont have time to write this in the next couple days so im gonna get it out the way now. “No Wheaties” is expanding, a little. Adding some members and testing out a couple of things here and there as you can see. I can tell that my schedule is going to get alot busier so updating the site on demand is not going to be possible all the time. School is first and i got other things i got going on but that doesnt mean it wont get updated. Its just not my first priority. You will still get news and a slew of other content as usual.

As my holiday break comes to a screeching halt, i feel as if i had very little or no days to enjoy myself. It really seemed like i had something to do EVERYDAY. I can say that most of it was for work (retail is horrible around the holidays, im sure youre already aware). But i feel like it was a horrific blurr. I definitely wouldn’t say that i was BS’n the whole time because i got a TON done in the time that i was off like i wanted to. Gave me some time to reflect on relationships with people and construct the much needed plans for the future. All in all i have a couple things in the works (personal x online) that im working on. From losing/starting off the year off with someone that im cool with to me turning 23 in a week. Life is filled with more up and downs than we could ever imagine. I always thought about how many emotions i go through in a day and honestly i think they’re are too many to keep track of.

One thing im sure of this year is that im working on my anger and trying to watch what i say to people. I realize that my words can be a tool to help or severely hurt someone, im working on that. Words cut deep, i understand that now. They cant be taken back once you say them and youre stuck with the consequences whatever they may be. I have seen myself grow tremendously within the past year and i know that i will make more and more edits to improve myself over the new year as well. Turning 23 isnt really that much of a big deal and neither is my Birthday. I was never really a huge fan, i mean it scool to have your own day but whats in a day, 24 hours? Its not aot of time considering i will be sleeping most of the day anyway.

But seriously, Im getting older and its time to turn up the heat up under that ass. Yall know what im talkin about. ITS TIME. I hope everything is good with everyone out there and doing well. May the Lord Bless you all.

Couple shout out’s:
Jess, we talk EVERYDAY and you are coming back SOON! Hold your head b. Love you.
Derez: You my boy for life. Thanks for supporting bro.

Everyone else: Im too tired to try and think who else but i thank you for reading and trying to keep up with my and my antics! Love you all.

Notes From the Editor: Love Is

Most people will very seldom tell you what their past love life consisted of, enclosing their darkest secrets in the shadows of the mind. To me love can be anything you want it to be. I had a brief run-in with it recently and it inspired me so much that I had to share. So without further adieu I present to you “Love Is…”

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Notes From The Editor: Growing Apart (To Get Closer)…

So in light of heavy posting and life getting a little busier day by day i decided to take a little time out and do something special. Enjoy.

A year ago today i vividly remember going to ihop for breakfast pretty early with the beautiful young lady above. Im not too sure why i remember the day so well, it might have been because it was the first of the month. Anyways we had a nice entertaining morning meal, talking about school, life, church and everything else between. After i gave her a goodbye kiss and saw her off to class. On the route home i sang and danced in the car ahah. I guess i was excited because she was into to me or whatever, you know how that goes with women…

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