Live Video: Bad & Evil (Eminem x Royce Da 5’9”)

On the day that the Bad Vs. Evil EP drops Royce and Em answer questions from fans live on youtube. Kinda cool.


Music Video: Mara Hruby Covers Mos Def’s “The Panties”

As if this record couldnt get any doper, Mara Hruby does her damn thing on this joint. If you want the audio I’ve taken the liberty on grabbing it for you. Enjoy.

Mara Hruby – The Panties (Mos Def Cover)

Video: Conrizzle “From The Struggle to The Stage” Documentary (Trailer #2)

The road to CranGrape & White Girls continues with trailer number 2 from the documentary featuring the song “The Elephant” which will appear on the album and also has some appearances from a couple of gorgeous girls. “CranGrape & White Girls” aka The Best Album of the SUMMER! Comes out on June 28th!! – Con

And if you’re in the VA area hit up Con’s show on later this month on the 24th @ The Camel in Richmond.

Video: Conrizzle: “From The Struggle to The Stage”: Documentary (Trailer #1)

My boy Conrizzle is gearing up to drop his album “CranGrape & White Girls” next month so he decides to let us in on his personal life and who he really is. Watch as he takes you around his hometown of Goldsboro, NC, and all the things that make “Conrizzle” aspires to be in the future. This is the first of a series of trailers that will be released in anticipation of CranGrape & White Girls which is coming JUNE 28TH. Enjoy.

Movies: AMC Theaters Goes Gourmet

Movie theater companies have figured out that many of us don’t buy any snacks when we go to the movies — and that they’re losing a huge amount of money as a result. So, theaters from Florida to California are starting to offer options — more healthful, hotter and more substantial options — for dinner. “I recently had someone tell me whatever you do, never change the popcorn,” says George Patterson, the vice president for food and beverage at Kansas City, Mo.-based AMC Entertainment. “She said, ‘I grew up as a kid going to movies with my dad and it was always about, don’t change the popcorn.’ ”

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Television: Entourage x The-Weeknd

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Holy shit. My favorite show mixed with my favorite R&B artist right now? How much doper can my Summer get? The team from Jersey returns to conclude for its eighth and final season July 24th only on HBO.