Appreciation: 100,000K (This Is Your Moment)

Jay-Z – ‘Thank You’

Joseph B – First of all, I’d like to thank Nylles for even allowing me to get on his blog. I know that he puts a lot of work into this, so to welcome me into this is a cool thing. As a person who likes to stay conscious and informed with everything that’s going on, contributing to this blog is just feeding my interest and fascination with everything. So to me, this blog isn’t really some tedious kind of thing that I do everyday but something that I just like to do. Everything that I post is just something that shows you guys a little bit of my interests in music, movies and all the random sh*t that the internet has to offer. As cliche as this might sound, CSNW is an outlet to express who I am and what I’m about. This blog isn’t stopping here either because we’re going to take it even further and make it much better for those of you who support us daily, occasionally or whatever. As much as this blog is for us, it’s honestly more for all of you who follow us. 100k is nothing but a stepping stone to bigger and better things. CSNW ALL DAY!

Nylles – 100,000 views later. Thank You. I’m forever humbled. CSNW was never intended to get to where it is now. Although it’s still a relatively small site, it means the world to me from everyone on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr everywhere. It was really just me having a place to showcase what i like and what my friends would also be fans of. I support every dream that you guys have and this has kind of turned into another one of my “hobbies”. Ive met people and developed relationships behind me creating it. I thank and appreciate you all. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that this is a process, and it’s not going to be easy. Thats why it’s imperative that you keep you up on all of the media an everything that we post here. I also want to thank my partner is crime Joe for helping me out maintain the site and keeping things stabilized when I couldn’t get to a PC. I appreciate it man. real. The site will be going through many changes in the next couple of months from the site design, members and content. We are hard at working still trying to deliver you guys the best in music, movies, fashion and every thing else. This is YOUR moment, not ours, you guys got us here. Kepp the hits coming. THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING! MUCH MORE IN STORE! CSNW


Video: Conrizzle: “From The Struggle to The Stage”: Documentary (Trailer #1)

My boy Conrizzle is gearing up to drop his album “CranGrape & White Girls” next month so he decides to let us in on his personal life and who he really is. Watch as he takes you around his hometown of Goldsboro, NC, and all the things that make “Conrizzle” aspires to be in the future. This is the first of a series of trailers that will be released in anticipation of CranGrape & White Girls which is coming JUNE 28TH. Enjoy.

Interview: The Kid With The Magic Touch: Cooper McGill


While the lives of most freshman & sophomore students in high school are spent worrying about fashion, peer pressure and relationships, Cooper McGill’s life is much different than the life of an average kid. Coop aka “Coop The Truth” already has his eyes set on a Grammy Award and a successful career as a Music Producer. I recently got to sit down and chop it up with Young Cooper and talk about his influences, how he got where he is now, and a couple of upcoming projects.

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Mixes: DJ AQT – Spring Cool Down (Vol. 1)

Since we are unloading tapes on the site all week i figure id give yall a little treat until the official launch. Last spring around this time i dropped Spring Cool Down (Vol. 1) and I’m not sure yall got your hand on it so I’m throwing it up here. The Spring Cool Down (Vol. 2) is dropping NOWHERE but here on Friday. For now enjoy tunes from Jadakiss, NaS, Shyne, Naledge, Common, Kanye West, Mobb Deep, J. Cole and many more. Mixed and Unmixed versions available. Tracklist and where to get it down below.

To download click on the link, it will take you to another page, click that link to get the download from Mediafire.

Spring Cool Down (Vol. 1) (Individual Tracks) | Mixed Version

CSNW Upcoming Projects

Been crazy busy with school and work but Im actually getting a bit of a break this week so i can catch up on a bunch of different things. In addition to a new member of the team Joseph B (Welcome bro! Thanks for the help) Im in the process of putting the last touches on a bunch of different things interviews, features and we have a slue of mixtapes dropping next week as well.

CSNW is putting out ‎5 Mixtapes 5 days, dropping a mixtape everyday starting Monday and going through Friday for the next week the list goes as follows:

Monday – Chris Brown – Loved Than Alone (Mixtape)
Tuesday – Rock Punk (Mixtape)
Wednesday – Old West Vs. New West Coast (Mixtape)
Thursday – 90’s R&B (Mixtape)
Friday – Spring Cool Down (Vol. 2)

Give me a second to get these things out. Im working hard all week as well as relaxing. Thanks to everyone whos been check out the site, many more GREAT things to come! Stay tuned!

CSNW “Artist Submissions”

Yes i definitely have been slacking on the submissions and those that have sent music in im going through your work throughly and emailing you back as soon as i can. Im currently under the weather and im still updating things here and there. Shout out to those that sent stuff in, I got you!