Artist Spotlight: Es.Qué

Es.Qué (pronounced es-kay) is a hip hop duo started by college peers Dave and Joe at Iowa State in 2004. Inspired by the Golden Era of Hip Hop they set out to make music by regular guys who love the culture and thought they may have something to add. After doing some work here and there and honing their skills they decided to record a full length project titled “Pancakes LP” released in the fall of 2010.

DOPE SHIT! Dont sleep!

Download: Pancakes LP

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Artist Spotlight: Crossword

Crossword a 23 year old lyricst from Tornonto just put out his new project 24:7 not too long ago and is pretty damn good at what he does. This tape is dope and i suggest you make that transition to his Bandcamp to see what hes all about. With all oringal production and a fresh style you deff will be hearing more from him very soon.

Download Crossword – 24:7

Check out for more info as well.

Artist Spotlight: Jon Dope

Next up is the 19 year old Cancer survior Jon Dope from Houston Texas. “I wake up every morning knowing I was blessed enough to beat Cancer, and I was also blessed with a talent I have to share with the world” Jon says. His music does JUST that. Ya’ll better pay attention to the kid man. I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Listen: Century

Download: Jon Dope – Century

Follow the kid on Twitter @Jondopey

Artist Spotlight: J. Nolan

First up we have J. Nolan who is a 21 year old Hip-Hop artist coming out of ATL and dropped an original mixtape “The Loose Files” not to long ago. Recently he just dropped another single “Made It Out Alive” (produced by oriJanus) which is pretty serious too. The kid is without a doubt talented and a serious breath of fresh air. His newest project “Chaos Theory” is coming soon, ill deff be sure to throw it up on here when it drops.

Listen: “Made It Out Alive”

Download: Made It Out Ailve

Check out the mixtape “The Loose Files” after the jump. Follow the Young King on Twitter @J_Nolan

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