Music: Lloyd – King Of Hearts (Artwork x Tracklist)

Lloyd is gearing up to release his next album King Of Hearts, and by the look of it, it will be quality music with feature from Andre 3000, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and more. King Of Hearts will be in stores July 5th.

1. Intro (MDMA) (feat. Game)
2. Dedication to My Ex (Miss That) (feat. André 3000) (narrated by Lil Wayne)
3. Cupid (feat. Awesome Jones)
4. Luv Me Girl (feat. Chris Brown & Vega)
5. Naked
6. Jigsaw
7. Bang (feat. Titi Boi & Salo)
8. Be the One )feat. Trey Songz & Young Jeezy)
9. Shake It 4 Daddy
10. Lay It Down
11. Angels
12. This Is for My Baby
13. You II
14. World Cry (feat. R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, & K’naan)


Movies: Captain America Retro Poster

Unfortunately, the impressive retro poster seen below won’t be getting a wide release as part of the promotion for Captain America: The First Avenger. Instead, it’s a special limited run given to members of the film’s crew. If you’re attending the Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood this weekend, though, you may be lucky enough to win a copy.

Designed by comic artist Paola Rivera, the poster features the iconic “punching Hitler” cover that graced the original “Captain America Comics” #1, a scene rumored to be featured in some capacity in the final film.

Captain America: The First Avenger opens in 3D and 2D theaters on July 22. The Joe Johnston-directed action adventure stars Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Toby Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Neal McDonough and Derek Luke.

Cool Stuff: ColorWare x Beats By Dr. Dre (Chrome Headphones)

Make a statement of exclusivity via the new partnership between Beats by Dr. Dre and customizer ColorWare. Introducing the new Beats Chrome Headphones with shimmering chrome finishes. With patented X2 coating, a process invented by the Minnesota-base ColorWare, the metallic-like chrome finish isn’t just the usual electroplating of chromium, but a plastic resin that in actually more scratch resistant. Each numbered and engraved with a special ColorWare Collection emblem, only 50 pairs will be available through ColorWare at a price of $1000 each.

More shots down bottom.

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Dedication: Lupe Fiasco’s Tribute To Gil-Scott Heron

Gil Scott-Heron was regarded as one of the forefathers of hip-hop. Following his death last week, some of the genre’s biggest names including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Talib Kweli have spoken out about the influence of the revolutionary poet and musician. Lupe Fiasco took to his blog to pay his respects to Heron, who he called a “guiding light of a human being.” Borrowing a page from his 1970 spoken-word piece “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” the Chicago MC touches on pop culture, politics, and media in his composition entitled “The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized.” Read his thought-provoking words.

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized.

Idiot boxes of the world unite! To fight off the effects of intelligence, replace smart quotes with fart jokes, substitute sense with scenes from “Martin,” let the baby’s bathe in that glow and learn all manner of things they don’t really need to know!

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

Channel the content of some rambling nonsense deep into the annals of yo’ subconscious, deprogram and depress chasing some televised success, be them, that, they and those be everything but in control,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

Small claims Court drama, teenage baby mamas, Osama watching Osama, Celebrity Endorsed indoor saunas, the perfectly cooked piraña and other cannonfodder for you to ponder, all at the speed of imitations of life while the smoke of war gets inhaled thru the peace pipes, be still my beating heart and scare my brain from thinking thoughts as i sit intoxicated by the delights, sarcasm and 3 strikes thrown by my favorite pitcher in a sound surrounded, 3 dimensional, high death, full color mixture, wholly unsocializing and completely uncensored,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

By this one-eyed monster most of the world was raised, and by this hero most of the world was saved, and to this master most of the world is slaves, it factors your fears with actors and cheers from a live studio audience pushing you to engage in a heroic act of thoughtlessness for the grand prize of a little bread, fleeting fame in the circus and every thought in yo head,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

“Ain’t no changing me” said my flat screen TV, No More Che’s to the rescue, or Black Panthers to correct you, just coaxial cables and satellite signals to connect you to a world that doesn’t really look like it does on TV, where everything is much shorter, fatter, uglier and in disorder, where u have to do it now because there are no digital recorders where if the present gets boring you can just fast forward,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

So there will be no revolution, or paradoxically ironic televised public execution of the entire worldwide televising institution, there wont even be a celebritized, televised trial of old baby blue, cuz you see my dear friends the television will not be revolutionized but what about the revolution that should taking place inside………………….of you?

By Wasalu “Lupe Fiasco” Jaco in Dedication to that guiding light of a human being Gil-Scott Heron.