Notes From The Editor: Meet Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

OFWGKTA.” What? Who? I said the same while i was on my makeshift “vacation”. I kept seeing these Odd letters and ignored them, but its hard to when you see #OFWGKTA up and down your Twitter timeline. So i did some questioning and research and i found out that “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” is definitely one of the next movements on the independent rise that you will hear out of people’s moths more than once.

Check out my thoughts on OFWGKTA after the jump.

Odd Future @ The Berrics Skateboarding

first off let me say that its really funny that friend of mine tried to turn me onto Odd Future so i watched Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers” video and i was not amused. Ehh, was my first initial reaction, but something told me to give them another listen. After watching the video above, it looks like they are just kids having fun, skating and making music. Enjoying their lives it seems like. And hey, anyone who is into skateboarding as much as i am is good with me. On top of having tension with two of the biggest hip-hop/rap blogs on the net (2Dopeboyz & NahRight), i would say they are doing something right on their end.

Hailing from Los Angeles Ca, OF seems to be taking all of the right steps in the direction of instant stardom. Im extremely eager to see where they go. From OF’s not giving a fuck attitude, 666 references, the over use of the F-word and Tyler’s obession over Justin Bieber and feces they are doing their thing. The collective When you have artists like Mos Def showing up front row to your performances and Kanye West proclaiming Tyler’s “Yonkers” as “Video of The Year” is a HUGE DEAL. Im guessing that either Mos or Ye’s right hand man, Plain Pat put him onto the hungry pack of individuals that make up OF. The collective team of “Wolf Gang” are Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis and Mike G, Frank Ocean and producers Left Brain, The Super 3 and Syd tha Kyd.

Tyler, The Creator “Yonkers” Music Video

Then im hearing that they were going to be on Jimmy Fallon with, i also see the multitalented Roots drummer/producer ?uestlove ranting about how much it fun it was to work with Tyler and his crew. This then peaked my interest about Odd Future. I watched them perform later that night and thought to myself, “Who are these kids?” and “Damn they are on National TV right now, so they must be something to check out”. So from there i asked a couple of my buddies for some of their stuff to listen to, little did i know that they were a a collective of about 12 cats that skated, smoked, drank, produced all of their music in-house and shot and directed their own videos. Not bad, the best thing? They are all under 21 years of age. Yah.

OFWGKTA Performing on Jimmy Fallon With The Roots

I then checked out the leader of the pack, Tyler, the Creator’s Bastard project. It starts off with Tyler dissing rap/hip-hop blogs for not putting him on because he did his own thing. The next joint “Seven” wanted me to get up outta my seat and grab my skateboard and go rip up some shit. I then shot through the rest of the tape and it was pretty damn dope. I liked it because it was very orginal. Talks about rape, weaves, bitches and mentions of the devil had me entertained the whole way through. Features the West Coast youngin’ Casey Veggies, OF’s own Hodgey Beats, Earl. The tape was dope, and it will be on play for a while. Not every one in the group raps, Frank Ocean is the smooth, soulful crooner out of the bunch. His project “Nostalgia/Ultra” He has a very distinctive voice and his overall sound is pretty dope. On “Nature Feels”, his own twist of MGMT’s hit “Electric Feel” he tells about what sex would be like if he was Adam and his parter were Eve in the Garden Of Eden. Another favorite of mine is “Novacane”, a trippy rendezvous with a girl and which turned him into an addict will have you wanting more.

Get Frank Ocean’s “Nostalgia/Ultra” album here & Tyler”s “Bastard” album here.


Someone told me that Tyler has been a member Hypebeast and on Pharrell’s Star Trak Music Forum, probably around the same time i was on there. I didnt know this till a few weeks ago. Odd Future’s presence has definitely been felt on the internets and in the real world. One thing about OF that i noticed is that they just dont give a fuck. Thats whats so dope, they dont give a fuck about what anybody thinks because they are living life and just want to make good music. Literally within a week i saw them go from my computer screen to my tv screen. It was something that i had never seen before, even with Drake we didnt see this much of a rise in popularity from a group of youngsters in this short span of time. Im talking like they are brand new but i know they have been around for a while now.

They also recently embarked on a semi-international tour and now are doing press for a slew of media outlets. Not to mention headlining The Cochella Valley Festival next month, a showcase at SXSW, and they are scheduled to perform at mtvU Woodie Awards in two weeks. They have a ton of music out i just havent gotten around to getting it all but i will soon, I highly encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already. I will say that their music isn’t for everyone its very, dark and uncut. Definitely not something you would listen to around you Moms but hey, not much is these days.

You can check out the rest of their projects and download them all for free at the top of the page in blue here.


1 thought on “Notes From The Editor: Meet Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

  1. Uhm, while this post is informative.. let me just say that EVERY RAPPER has talked about girls, weaves, rape, satan, and drugs.. off top.. I can think of Eminem, 36 Mafia, Kanye West.. so NO rapper coming out now is original.. but great post! ;]

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